In the current times, nearly everybody has a four-wheeler in their garage.  Hence, when you have a car in your home,the need for auto repair service can arise anytime.

That is why the following points highlight the best 10 auto repair in Niagara Falls.

  1. JamTino Auto Repair Centre

A locally owned auto repair shop in Niagara Falls, Ontario, JamTino is a reputed name when it comes to fixing car problems at highly-competitive rates. They have been in this business for a long time and they are quite known for their fast repairing services. You can call them at (289) 296-5820 or send your queries to

  1. Good Guys Automotive and Transmission

Located in 2611, Pine Avenue of Niagara Falls, Good Guys Automotive and Transmission is a renowned platform that fixes car problems with the latest and up-to-date equipment of 2019. Using wireless computer diagnostics, they discover the problems inside a vehicle and does the necessary repair to improve its performance on the road.Their 24/7 answering machine contact number is 716-807-0000.

  1. Value Muffler and Brake Centre

Value Muffler is an accredited test and repair service provider that you can trust for all kinds of vehicle repair and maintenance needs. They use advanced technologies in the automotive sector to provide fast quality solutions to car problems. For more information, you can call them at (905) 374-7431 or send your queries at

  1. Steve’s Automotive

Another popular auto shop in Niagara Falls is Steve’s Automotive that has been providing quality auto repair services since 1983. From general services to maintenance and resolving all kinds of vehicle issue are done here. If you want to improve the performance of your vehicle on the road then this is the place for your need. For any query, you can contact them at the phone at 716-282-4661.

  1. Richardson Auto Repair

The automotive experts at Richardson have been providing all kind of auto repair services from a very long time. It is true that they have a very good team that has been delivering vehicle repair and maintenance service for the past 63 years. You can reach them at 716-283-2765.

  1. Accurate Alignment and Brake Centre

Are you facing problems in your car brakes? Then Accurate Alignment and Brake Centre is the right place for your solution. Here, all the mechanics are experienced and certified plus they use cutting-edge technologies in both minor and major problems in vehicles. For emergency towing, repair and roadside assistance call them at 716-285-0524.

  1. Hawkeyes Automotive

A one-stop solution for all kinds of maintenance and repair of car problems. If you are here then you would not have to look anywhere else for car related issues. With experienced technicians, they have been fixing car issues at highly-competitive rates for a long time. You can call them at (289)219-1744 and their email address is

  1. Master Mechanic Niagara Falls

Starting from wheel alignments, oil changes to engine repair and diagnostics, there is not a car service that you will not find here. They have a very good reputation and they give their best to ensure customer satisfaction all the time. Their love for cars and dedication separates them from the rest in the industry. Call them at 905-354-3330to know more about their services.

  1. Northern Auto and Tire            

Whether you need new tires or auto repair services, they are ready to solve all your vehicle problems at very affordable rates. If you are searching for a friendly auto repair services, then this is the place you should visit. Even you can contact them at 905-358-1106 for more information regarding your recent car issues.

  1. Harrigan’s Auto

The best auto repair shop for fast solutions to car problems. The Harrigan’s also send their team to customer’s location for getting them out of cartroubles. At the same time, they are experienced in repairing electrical and air conditioning issues inside a car.You can reach them at 905-371-1522 and tell the problems you are facing while driving your car.