The basic things every car owner should know

In this modern age, cars are available at a suitable price. So, we can say many people can buy a car with suitable price. But, most people cannot understand how to maintain a car. For this reason, cars are damaged very soon. Now here we describe how to maintain a car

Regular car maintenance- Regular car maintenance is very expensive for somebody. Though car maintenance is necessary for all car owner. Especially car tires maintenance is very important. Otherwise, tires are fed with anti-oxidizing. It’s so easy to pretend that regular car maintenance is not so important. But, it is not beneficial for your car.

Car engine oil- Most people think that oil is there to burn fuel. But it is there to polish and clean the car engine. By any chance, if there is no oil then three things will happen with a car such as- thermal degradation, Oxidation, Compressive heating. These things make the engine blocked. Because without oil cleaning it is possible. Without oil, the engine becomes heated and created friction. So, the proper quantity and quality car engine oil is very important for a car.

Spare tires- A spare tire is a very important part of a car. We must be change tires when other parts are changed.  We should know how to change tires or tires maintenance. Because the mechanic does not available always, so self-help is very useful. Otherwise, it creates a lot of problem.

Brake- You must have to monitor your brake. Because it helps us to drive a car. When you see your car’s steering is shaking then you should push brakes to stop the car. Otherwise, it happen an accident.

Car tire pressure- Monitoring Car tire pressure is the most important thing in car maintenance. It should be proper neither high nor low. If the pressure is too low then maybe it causes friction between tire and the ground and it is not good for the tires. On the other hand if the pressure is too high then it causes less traction.

Emergency kit and roadside kit- Motor car owner have to always alert for a breakdown on the road. An accident is not strange for car, so we have to prepare for any situation. In that time the first aid box is very useful for the foremost treatment. Many times primary treatment is very important. Especially when the hospital or nursing home is far from the accident spot. Without this, some more emergency kits are essential such as- Jumper, Cable, Fire extinguisher, Torchlight, Tow and rope and at least one blanket etc.

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