Drive Clean

Vehicles that are seven years and older need to pass an emissions test before you can renew their registration and licence plates.

How a Drive Clean emissions test is done

Information on the vehicle emissions tests used in Ontario. The process depends on the vehicle you own.Test types Three types of tests are commonly used to test emissions.

Vehicle Type of Test

Light-duty vehicles with a model year 1998 to present On Board Diagnostic System test (OBD Test) Light-duty vehicles with a model year 1988 to 1997

Certain heavy-duty gasoline vehicles Tailpipe test (two-speed idle test for gasoline vehicles and visual inspection for light-duty diesel vehicles) Heavy-duty diesel vehicles Opacity test

Pre-test Check

Before performing the emissions test, the inspector will do a visual check at no cost. If the inspector finds any of the following issues, it must be corrected before the emissions test can continue, as it could lead to injury and/or the test equipment may not work properly:

  • Missing catalytic Converter and/or Gas Cap
  • Defects in the fuel filler pipe
  • problems with the on-board computer system that would prevent the vehicle from being tested
  • visible smoke coming from the tailpipe
  • Any problems the inspector believes would prevent the vehicle from being tested safely
  • You will receive a pre-test check rejection form, if the vehicle cannot be tested. You will need to return for the test, once any required repairs are made.

On-board diagnostic system test

Most cars, vans and SUVs in Ontario — made in 1998 or later — have an on-board computer that monitors the vehicle’s engine and emissions system, every time you drive.;

The Drive Clean test uses your vehicle’s on-board computer to identify emissions problems.

During the test, the information stored in your vehicle’s on-board computer is checked to determine if your vehicle’s emissions systems are working properly and are not releasing pollutants beyond your vehicle’s emissions standards.

Can I get an OBD test if my ‘check engine’ light is on?

Tailpipe Test

Vehicles not equipped with an electronic on-board diagnostic system include gas-fuelled:

cars and vans (model years 1988–1997)

SUVs or pickup trucks between 3,857–4,500 kg (model years 1988–2006)

Heavy-duty trucks and buses, with a gross vehicle weight rating over 4,500 kg

These vehicles will have a tailpipe test done to measure emissions.

The tailpipe test — also known as a two-speed idle test — measures carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

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Emissions Test

Vehicles that are seven years and older need to pass an emissions test before you can renew their registration and licence plates.


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