Been bringing my car to these guys for a year or two now. They always seem to be in the know of what is going wrong (I always check before I bring the car in) and they never seem to pander about fixing things that don’t need fixing. Most of the time I will just do the work myself after getting an appraisal, which does not seem to bother them (…hopefully). As they know that the few things that I’m uncomfortable with fixing, such as engine internals or welding, will promptly be booked to be fixed by their more than competent mechanics. And even in cases where I could have fixed the problem, such as when my oil pan gasket needed to be replaced, their price for parts and labor was too good to even pass up. I think some of these negative reviews are from the car dreamers: people who rarely maintain their cars and they are dumbfounded that multiple issues are assessed when they bring in their car for their “once-ever-2-year checkup”. Oh, and one last thing, the turnaround time here is phenomenal, expect to drop off your car an have it looked at and fixed in an hour or two.