five things every car owner needs

Every motor car owner many things need to move the car. Because motor car runs through engine and other relevant parts including the licensed driver. Here I furnish the main five things which are most important-


An experienced driver drives motor car smoothly on the road. A Driver must have driving licence including a few years experienced. Driver should know the traffic rules and rake less driving. If, this rule does not maintain then car met with an accident and in the case car owner and driver may be wounded and also the car will be damaged. So, an experienced driver must need.


Fuel is the oxygen of car engine. Fuels are petrol, diesel and gas etc. Car engines longevity depend on quality of fuel. Pure fuel is must need to good engine condition. Mobil and Greece are also most important for the motor car. So purity of fuel keeps the motor car good and smooth.

First-Aid kit

Motor car owner should always think the car may be a breakdown on the road through any minor or major accident. In emergency time first aid box is very useful for primary treatment. An accident car driver is very good but opposite side car driver’s mistake event an accident. Because many times minimum treatment require to avoid dangerous situations when the hospitals or nursing homes are far from accident spot.


Motor car papers as a horse stick car moving on the road is not possible without valid papers. Paper means blue book or registration copy, valid insurance tax, fitness etc do not carry with car, a traffic police will find and when said paper submit to RTO office for valid, the RTO will fine extra. These are manageable points but invalid insurance is very risky because if car met with an accident, car owner does not claim to an insurance company to compensate the loses and also first-party or third party if any injured or die, car owner, do not avail any claim. So papers are most important for the motor car.

Some external parts

Without some external parts car may be move. But, these parts are important. Such as wiper looking glass, head and backlight , both side bumper. If the car owner drives in rainy day or very dusty area, the wiper is very useful at that time wiper cleans the windscreen in rain and dust. At the time of driving looking glass is very urgent plans. Because always rescue to notice left right and backside. At the time of running car driver drives to look looking glass. Otherwise occurred accident chances are very usual.

Above mention all points are very important to drive the car. More points are required except above five. So car owner should maintain every kind of rules and regulation.

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