Car Tyres Maintenance Tips

In today’s hectic and busy life, the car is very demandable wheeler motor vehicle. Car is very important for our daily lifestyle.  Because it helps us to go to another place. We can see many types of cars. But, tyres are a very important part of cars. Cars are not the best until the car tyres are not strong. So, here are some tips for cars tyre maintenance-

Change the tyres at right time

Car tyres are must change in proper time. Otherwise, the car tyres are fed with anti-oxidizing. Experts said car tyres change time is in 6-10 years. 10 years is the extreme limit of change tyres. The wear and tear of tyres depends on driving style, the total number of kilometre driven, weather etc.

Wheel bolt

The vehicle manufacture granted the wheel bolts. We must be assured that the bolts are not too short or too long. Because problems are must happen in both conditions. If they are short, there are many chances of the wheels are burst out. Or, if they are too long, they might be injured with the suspension of the car. So, we should examine it and replace it with ideal size.

Be smooth driving

Many times the car tyers are damaged for rough driving. When you driving harsh on the road with high speed, after spotting  hazard on the road, then trying to stop the car you applying emergency break. Though, the car has stop, the car tyres are damaged and cracked. Rough driving not so good for car tyres because when you push the emergency brake of the car then the tyres cracked or damaged. Rash driving helps to tyre skidding, which is not only asked for an accident but also pushes the tyres to destroy.

Store tyres at a safe place

To store the tyres, at first clean the tyres and choose a safe place. Always store the tyres at a cool and dry place. Especially, we have to notice that the storage place is not so hot and there is not any supply of sunlight. Furthermore, the storage place area of the tyres should also keep away from hot pipes and electric motors. Stagnant water is also an enemy of car tyres. We must ensure that the storage place has no chance for water collection.

Aluminium is necessary to make the car tyres. Before, buying cars we should check every part of car. Among every car parts tyre is very important. Some best tyres are Bridgestone Tarzana, Good year gt3, MRF ZVTC etc. Car tyres are available in the market with suitable price.

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